Friday, November 28, 2008

3 things you think about when you see ...

Art is all around you... and so are colors. In this article I would like to subtract an ingredient from the last post. As you noticed, the first (and possibly main) point of attraction in the last set of photographs was the color Red.

This time around I would like to get an opinion (as I will share mine first) about what exactly you think when you immediately see the color Red. The reason I ask is because this site is about creativity. And the ability to draw or paint, has nothing to do with having a CREATIVE mind.

Example: When I pick an article of clothing, food, gift, or any item with a dominant color, I immediately make a decision based on what that color reminds me of (most likely a hidden signal from my subconscious?). Sometimes that makes me take a positive or negative decision due to that judgment.

When I saw the color red the last time, I immediately thought about: Russia, Communism, and blood. This might seem funny, but that is what I honestly thought about initially when I saw the color. Many different things come to mind later but that is the root of my color matching criteria for Red. And due to this ... I believe it could be a slight creative block or maybe the other way around.

Since I have now shared my thoughts and opinions about the subject. I would like to get yours. I would like you to share 3 things that you immediately think about when you see the color RED.
It would be interesting to see a spectrum of thoughts and opinions about this color.


XxdEaD_0n_arRiVALxX said...

I know this sounds dumb, but, here's what I think:
Blood, vampires and a new dress.

Giô said...

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Heinrich said...

Mmmmm, that's an interesting point your making (about the possible subconscious signal you receive letting you make a positive or negative decision based on the color.)

I don't know what I see or feel in the color red but what I recently noted was that a lot of the paintings I've done so far contain the color in a significant amount without me even realizing it.

I don't know if this could be a sign of the emotional unpacking of things through my brush (if that makes sense) because I maybe associate the color with negative thoughts, or if I just "like" red in a visual sense.

I'm not sure but in the past I think I associated red with strong emotions.

You can check out my paintings on my blog at the top right slideshow.

cmay said...

First 3 things: A red cape used in a bull fight, blood and tomatoes

Mickysolo said...

The red highlight in a photo that I hope will catch the judges' eyes.

The blood on my arms after my dog scratches me.

A beautiful sunset

Steve said...

candy cane, blanket, lady bug. cool article!

Heinrich said...

I didn't think about this when I wrote my previous comment but I have a poll on what color(s) people hate the most on my blog.

But my blog is new so if you want to help me increase exposure it would be greatly appreciated and maybe the results will be of some interest to you. :)

Mário Cruz said...

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Taco Man said...

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Carlos said...

Blood, royalty or government, and fire.
I don't know who came up with the idea that red attracts positive energy, but that statement itself is faulty. What kind of energy is implied? Has it been proved that the color red "attracts" something. What is meant by the "color" red?

I guess what it means is that red makes goodness come (what else could it mean?). But there is conflicting evidence; having blood stained on your shirt will not make people feel good around you. On the other hand, having red cherries nearby you, say at a party, may cause people to cluster around you until the bowl is empty.

Bozoplay aka Bozo said...

Red means action, danger and strength to me. I might suggest you get a copy of the book The Luscher Color Test. It does a great job of explanation the psychology of color. Hint take the test first. It includes 8 color swatches that you use in the test. I found it very interesting.

Bozoplay aka Bozo said...

Just an impression on your site. Awfully dark. Use rice candy in a masthead with the black background. Maybe go to a neutral background for your articles. Black denotes death, evil night to me for what that's worth. Type is kinda' small too. I'm 60. I stopped reading mice print quite a long time ago.

V-Ray said...

savory, inviting, dangerous....

honestly, I think of food when I see red...

that color makes me hungry.

Nancy said...

Blood, Jesus, and Roses.

f2images said...

Ok, this may sound weird, but Cinnamon, Heat, and Passion are the first things that come to my mind! Very interesting topic and theory.


Sarah Jane said...

Upon seeing the photo at the beginning of this post I thought of licorice. And then when you asked our thoughts about the color red, I thought of sex and seduction. Not just any sex....SEXY sex.

Seraph said...

Fire, passion, and sex come to mind first.

Followed by apples, velvet, roses, and blood.

Red and gray are my favorite colors right now.

Rice Candy said...

Today I have enjoyed reading all of your comments. I read it about 3times and every time it sparked a smile.Very interesting. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

Editor said...

...makes me think of a red motorcycle!

Alexander said...

I would say:

Blood, tears of suffering, and a persons body figure (AKA, "the woman in the red dress").

Keep rockin!

sarahyaqoot said...

hearts, roses, and blood.. or a blood-red heart that has roses entwining it.. either or both ;)

Leo Roars said...

I would say red reminds me of a beautiful bouquet of red roses:-), a flashy red lipstick and a very pretty sunset.

Melanie said...

Youth, passionate living, boldness

iowaboy said...

blood came to mind first, then autumn leaves. My mind started wandering on a third thing and finally settled on the Prince song from the 80's, Little Red Corvette

Gary said...

The colour red reminds me of: fire, stop, and anxiety.

A very interesting topic. We have a granddaughter who, before she could talk, showed a strong favour for the colour green. In a series of objects of the same type and size, she would consistently choose the green one, no matter where it was placed in the line of the objects. She is now five and still green is her colour of choice.

Makes one wonder why?

Keep up the good work.


முத்துலெட்சுமி-கயல்விழி said...

blood, tomato ketchup, toy car.. :)


Alok Sud said...

when I see red I sense 'HOT' not as in high temperature but as in passion. It reminds me of a young lady in a romantic embrace.

The second thought on seeing Red is DANGER. I see an imminent and real threat to public safety.

The third thought is of a wild animal devouring its PREY. One might say it is somewhat akin to DANGER but here there is no guilt or fear. It is about going out and doing what nature expects you to.

Metaphor said...

and what i think:


Nithya said...

Red to me denotes passion, challenge and that order...I've always felt that if you do something flashy (like buy a sports car!), you've got to do in in red...and that's perhaps why red goes so well with gray and brown...both strong, earthy, feet-on-the-ground colours...a nice contrast...

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