Saturday, November 29, 2008

DDB for Anthon Berg Chocolates


From the breaking of the piece, to the color splash, this commercial was a joy to watch!.It was both stimulating and soothing to the eyes.

I like how they turn your attention at the beginning with the sounds of the chocolate being broken off, to the crackling bite, then zooming in to take your visual attention for a short and enjoyable journey. This commercial was well made and to the point, simply a delight.


Commercial: Anthon Berg "Sense it"
DDB advertisement agency:


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~p0p|@h~ said...

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jls. said...

This is a great commercial, but is it really necessary for a chocolate ad? I'd almost think it would for a computer advertisement or some kind of graphic design program.
It's beautiful done, don't get me wrong, but I guess the content takes away from what is actually being advertised.

Nancy said...

Chocolate excites passion and then melts into delicious and dreamy.

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement. That made me want chocolate...really badly...and maybe some sex on the side!!

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Sonya said...

That was so inspiring.

Anonymous said...


Heinrich said...

Wow! What an amazing ad.
I think it succeeded completely in its function. I want that chocolate now! I even memorized the name which I don't usually do.

kyuhime said...

That must be some really good chocolatte :D i like your blog :D