Saturday, November 15, 2008

0% plastic bag by Gap

Gap card members where mailed a coupon about a week ago to receive a free re-usable bag at any Gap store. The Gap has been doing a lot of creative changes to their clothing line and identity. This past year they hired new designers, slimmed down their cuts(making them more fitted ) and updated their overall look. I recall the main reason I stayed away from Gap was because their style was out-of-date, and their clothes where always so wide(and that really bothered me). I am for the firs time in about a decade liking some of their products again (like their low rise straight-fit 1969 jeans).

With that being said... the "0% plastic" bag you see pictured above really calls my attention (although I would have liked the main design stitched rather then screen printed). The over-lock sewn finish around the borders gives it more of a crafted look, and brings out the dimension to the bag.

Update: I had previously posted the" 0% plastic" design was embroidered, but later I received a tip that someone left in the comment section (which later led for me to look at the bag myself) that it was not an embroidered design. And it is indeed just as the anonymous tip stated.


Anonymous said...

actually it is screen printed, i got the bag today, and there's no stitching apart from the sides of the bag.

Rice Candy said...

Oh wow.. meaning they are not giving out the bag pictured in the coupon?. And how did you get it on a saturday , they were only suppose to give it out on a Friday. I will have to go check this out myself. Thank you for the correction and update! :)