Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Another art piece from the artist "7R". I just couldn't pass up not posting this amazing illustration.

The name of this piece is called "Seeds". I like the interpretation of the leafs, buds and grass, and also how the seeds are presented in different sizes and stages. The other main ingredient is the drawing of the girl in grayscale, which to me is perfect and helps display all the green tones very well. Simply lovely and visually refreshing .


The villager: said...

Great site. Well done.

Havana Times said...

I love your site Rice Candy

Neo said...

excellent, congrats on the blogs of note

sulakan said...

I like so much this place.
Best wishes from Spain.

Nagarajan V Vaitheeswarn said...

ok, blogger is so good to see

jb said...

That's an amazing picture, your right, about the grass and the leaves effect it's captured very nicely.

The 1800 site is cool. The design your bottle and soon your own shoes, great idea for a tequila company. Now, this is what I call thinking out of the box.

I wonder if people actually now how hard it is to design, a concept around products, to sell to the public.

This is such an artistic process and the people behind these products work so hard. Forget about the selling aspect, and think about the design and the art, it's so much more important when you think about, or look beyond the mass commercial selling of the products.


Again, I would like to say, great blog site.

guillermo cardenas said...

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Jenni said...

That's amazing.

Jenni - Australia

Strawberry said...