Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chiara Bautista

Dream-weaving via her imagination into a graphic illustration- is the work presented above by Artist/illustrator Chiara Bautista.

Although it might appear that Chiara’s work seems to root from what is meaningful to her at the moment of creation. Her unique style, references, and symbolic details are what really interested me the most.

Chiara infuses several elements with its own personality and charm that definitely changes the entire theme of the art piece. From a heart-shaped cassette, to octopi tentacles.One cannot ignore these meaningful details in her art, as they add a lot to the total value of her composition.

To know a little more about what goes behind the mechanism of Chiara's creativity, I will share with you the few thoughts I stole from her in response to my questions.

(1)How much does your personal life and emotions affect or influence
your artwork?

CB-... A fair amount, I usually add and take out pieces, or change the composition of an illustration depending on the things happening around me while I'm working.... like the songs I'm listening to, or how good or bad my day was. I think this kind of stuff happens to everybody. At the end we all put a little (or a lot) of ourselves on everything we do.

(2)What is the meaning behind the birds in your art? (I noticed 2
types, can you please tell me what they represent)

CB-The black ones, showing their skeleton, are all those doubtful thoughts that cross your mind when you're about to make a relevant decision. The white one is that thing -or person- you want the most.

(3) Which are your favorite colors of inspiration?

CB-I like black, green, blue and brown. I usually start working with a basic palette of matte colors, and then add some contrast with a bright color, and for this, my favorite is pink.

Chiara Bautista- 33 years old.
Art tools-Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Freehand MX, Ink, Pencil, and acrylics.
Currently living in Tucson, Arizona.



Rena said...

I adore the third one.

Alexia said...

amazing. she should make prints available for sale.

Anonymous said...

Very creative. She has great ideas.

blorange dice said...

thanks for visiting my blog!

yours is very interesting as well- like nothing i've seen thus far! (:

Lady P said...

I love what you find out there for us to go gaga over

Rice Candy said...

blorange- you are welcome :).
Alexia- yeah she should, hopefully more new ones will come out soon also.
Lady P- These artist/photographers/creators make it easy for me. Thank you for stopping by.

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Silona said...

I reallly really want a copy of the octigirl in hand print... any idea how I can buy one?

I have been searching awhile!