Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guillaume Blanchet

As photography and art continues to get amplified by the internet, great creative videos are also being hatched by the dozens every month. One of the main platforms for this immense wave of new creations being shared on the internet is due to the incubation from sites like Vimeo.

For me Vimeo is like a vitamin that jolts my creativity whenever I need it. But in the other hand, there’s also an overflow of repetitive work displayed there, which gets me a bit hesitant about hitting that play button on new videos that get uploaded constantly. But once-in-a-while I am glad to hit that “I>” button because it’s such a joy for me to find a hidden jewel amongst the many. Such a find can be quite exciting and exhilaration for me, and can quickly turn into a small addictive viewing session. One of those recently fabulous finds comes from French creator- Guillaume Blanchet, in a stop-motion animation video.

Laika- is a 3 min animation Guillaume Blanchet created using matches & match boxes; this video was produced to celebrate the 10th birthday of a famous bar in Montreal (The Laïka). For those of you who may not know- Laïka originally was the name of the first earthling ever sent to space (a female dog). This was in Russia, back in 1957. Not only did Guillaume create a fun animation video, but he also unified the meaning behind the name, plus an actual object from the bar, which then coordinated with the song perfectly.

From the very beginning of the video there’s hints of a visual fun ride. It starts with one creation- creating another, and another, which takes you step-by-step through a small voyage. Guillaume also displays various stop-motion techniques which makes him look like a magician by using basic, and hard-to-figure-out animation tricks.

Whether the internet has created a platform for a new “creative renaissance” or if this is simply the age of the “click-shoot-n-post” generation, I am glad that creativity overall is in a good positive evolving phase. It could get better; it could get boring, overdone, damaged or ruined. But I have confidence we are headed in the right direction. And someone like Guillaume is proof of this.

Now to learn a bit more about the process from Guillaume.

(1)Can you tell us the average amount of pictures and hours spent in this project?

GB- It took me about a month to run some tests, including the on-and-off time. But overall I would say it took me between 40 and 60 hours. For the record, I had the “chance” to have my tonsils removed. Therefore, I spent two weeks out of the agency, at home. As for the pictures, it is tough to estimate as well, I believe it was about 3000(The original version is a little bit longer).

(2)What was the main approach and idea behind Laika?

GB- I live above the Laïka bar. It’s like the extension of my own apartment. The owner (a friend of mine) once had those genuine match boxes sent from Japan. And since he decided to celebrate the 10th birthday of his bar, I asked him to give me ten of those boxes (one for each year). I first tried to see everything that I could do with them in a technical way. Then I followed by writing a script, and after that… it was all just patience :-)

(3)The most important perspective you strive to demonstrate people who view your work is…?

GB-This video was actually very simple and low-cost: 10 boxes, maybe 200 matches, a blue paper and a pair of scissors. I love to be impressed by things that are technically over my understanding - like 3D animation – On the other hand, I also love what comes out of simplicity: everyone understands how it’s made. Simplicity in execution has a nice sharing dimension, because people end up realizing that somehow, they could have done it too.

Guillaume Blanchet- 32 years old
Equipment- Canon Rebel XTI
Materials- Match boxes ( made in Japan!!)
Currently living in Montréal, Canada

Video source: http://www.vimeo.com/4949624


Anonymous said...

awesome! what a cool video

Rena said...

ah! this is so fun to look at. Everything flows so well.

Ben said...

Just excellent !
Congrats to you "Guillaume Blanchet" ! So fun, original, dynamic, ... great !!!
Need to see again to find some tricks. ;)
Well done !!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. If you know the name of the song please pleeaseee email me !! [aluenedragos@yahoo.com]

Rice Candy said...

Rena- everything is well organized, one scene "flows" right to the next one.

Rice Candy said...

Anon- I will try to find the song for you, and I will email you when I do .

Alexia said...

you are one creative fella!

Lady P said...

you are rockin my boat yet again over here!

Davenz said...

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