Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Steve Wilson

Some dishes are best served cold. And some photos are best served- resisting stability (or full definition). A sample-taste of this type of delicacy is today’s special, which is a colorful interpretation of- an evening at the carnival, by Steve Wilson.

During the day I take several breaks to get away from the desk and my work. I walk around, stretch and view other things completely unrelated to my work. It would be nice to have a daily break where I can just open a door (secretly, hidden in my closet) that gives me immediate access to a fun night at the carnival (especially ala Steve Wilson’s perspective).

The common quality presented across all of these photos are enticing enough to day-dream for a few minutes, at the very least. Each photo well describes the fun factor experience in a carnival. And punctuating the visuals are sprinkles-of-light, where one can measure the speed of joy.

The main appealing substance of this set was that it never lost focus of the theme. And even though that door doesn’t exist, I will settle for the visual play-escape Steve has offered in his photography.

To complete the inspiration and see it through Steve's point-of-view, he was kind enough to answer the following questions.

(1)You work creating graphic illustrations and 3D designs.
Are there any qualities in all of this that influences your

SW: I think the creative “eye” is present for both my illustrations (3D and 2D) and my photography. That being said I feel that my 3D design work (day job) actually benefits more from my photography than the other way around. Working in 3D you use a lot of virtual lighting and cameras to get the “shot”.

(2)The punch of color you expect from a carnival was
present in this set. What other elements where you attracted
to at the carnival?

SW: The lights and rides was what first attracted me to shoot at the small carnival. It was set up close to my mom’s house (a very small carnival with only a few rides) but a lot of fun to shoot. The most important thing is that it's fun. I just enjoy photography.

(3)What interests you the most about photography overall?

SW: B&W, IR and extreme color is what excites me in photography. I am drawn to images that are there, but are not something that can be seen with the naked eye.

Steve Wilson-49 years old.
Equipment- Canon 5d Mark II, Lensbaby Composer
Currently living in Fort Worth,TX and working as a 3D Graphic Illustrator.

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Rena said...

I love the cotton candy picture. All of them are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

this makes me want to go now! I wish there was a fair near by me.

Rice Candy said...

Yup! thats what sold it for me, the cotton candy picture.

Lady P said...

oh you always bring the best goodies to the blog table

Jor said...

The rest of his phots in his Flickr are equally great.

Davenz said...

So colorful design.. I like it..

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