Wednesday, July 8, 2009

7 Favorites F.T.M #3

The other entry I was prepared to post is not completed till I receive further notice. But for now... here are some of my favorites I have come across this month.

I will also be including a series of posts under the title of "Dissecting", which will basically describe and break-down the aesthetics, composition, and perspectives of a SINGLE piece in each post. In the post I will explain WHY the image was chosen, and why it's a good example of inspiration. I want this to be more of a- conversation piece, with more interaction, which will compliment the overall opinion of each particular piece in each series.

Basically I want to know and explain why this image works so well and how it translates to us visually. Rather then focusing on a whole collection of a particular artist/creator/photographer, we can focus on a single composition. I will also include notes from the creator/artist/photographer of the image which will aid the examination and opinion.

RICE CANDY will return to its regular schedule posting in the next entry.

From-top-to-bottom. Links to the above photographs are listed as follows :

Photo source:

Photo source:

Photo source:

Photo source:

Photo source:

Photo source:'

Photo source:


katieleigh said...

very flattered to have my missing image in here :) thank you muchly x

Lady P said...

as always a eye feast over here
love how you took the 7 meme idea and ran with it

blorange dice said...

ooo, these are wonderful!!! i especially love the seeds and the patent shoes. (:

thank you for your lovely comments!

Anonymous said...

wow.. I love all of these!

Rena said...

The first picture is deliciously colorful!I adore it. I also like the picture of the little girl that looks like she's hovering.

Davenz said...

I'm impressed of those pic..
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