Monday, July 13, 2009

Khristian Mendoza

An obvious representation of photographic work that is steering into a new course from the usual- is the pleasantly distracting “Transparency” set by Khristian Mendoza.

It seems in our current time, what you can-and-can’t-do with photography is non-existent. The restrictions are coming close to a full mute level, and creativity is KING right now. This fantastic set by Khristian Mendoza combines cleverness with illusion, and in other ways then- visually, it literally represents a portal of creativity.

For any of you letting your guard down in creative-photography, there is always someone with an upper-cut of imagination like Khristian Mendoza, ready to wake you up, and stimulate your own work. Though the photographs are simple with the: concept, shots, and materials, they undeniably pack-a-heavy-punch of imagination!

A good decision in the set was the use of a universal language, which were the stencils of well known basic shapes, rather then creating a busy overdone detailed design (which could have easily lost the viewer’s perception)

I can already see it… I can see the legions of imitators… sprouting left-and-right. But before that happens, maybe Khristian can give me a few hints to the recipe of- Transperancy.

(1)Can you tell me about the root that started this idea, and what prompted you to use it with photography?

KM-This wasn’t a well thought idea to begin with, so there was no decision making involved at all. Just one day I brought out the cam and started shooting, and within that time this idea kind of arose, rather than the idea beforehand. I know that’s not so professional but I find that most projects, and more specifically self initiated projects come about from nowhere.

(2)What do you think is more important in photography: originality, style, or well executed results?

KM-Don’t get me wrong, I love photography but I am no expert in it nor am I a photographer. Here and there I come across awesome photo folios that inspire me in what I enjoy. Photography is a whole new dimension to me, because in most cases they are not restricted to a brief and I find most successful photographers have this ability to express themselves through their photography.

(3)To me these photographs are a good transcending example of imagination. What are some of your own personal ethics that are essential to your creations?

KM-I always try to create things that make me happy. If it doesn’t, well then, make it work. That is why I am slightly afraid of entering the industry, concerned that commercial viability will not be my friend.

Khristian Mendoza- 21 years old
Equipment: Everything
Currently living in Melbourne, Australia



Lady P said...

she is just amazing - the concept, the execution -
wow, to be her age with the world ahead of me once again

Rena said...

Oooh its like cookie-cutter imagery, very creative!.

dapper kid said...

These are SO beautiful. What a stunning concept, it is absolutely magical :)

jls. said...

I saw this on
I love it.

Rice Candy said...

jls- You mean you saw his photos in boooooom right? not the interview and everything else. I saw his work at Behance, thats where alot of creatives display their portfolio.

I would have posted this earlier, but I was busy with other projects, plus the creator was busy himself to reply the interview part. I mentioned this in the previous post. It is hard to get in contact with alot of these artist, sometimes you get the permission to display the work but then it takes a while to get the answers to the interview replied, sometimes it takes weeks.

Either way I am glad you like his work.:) thanks for stopping by.

blorange dice said...

wowww, theses are amazing!! jeez.

thanks for sharing, as always! (:

katieleigh said...

this is trippy, i like it!

Davenz said...

Great..So creative...I like it!
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