Sunday, August 2, 2009

hello, people.

hey guys.

i would like to say hello. my name is qwux and i have been asked to be an occasional guest poster here on Rice Candy, and it's probably a good idea to introduce myself so you can all get a feel of where i am coming from.

so the brief history of qwux is as follows. i hate capitals, i just think they are ugly. i am currently studying visual arts at sydney college of the arts, majoring in printmedia. i am addicted to screenprinting, inks and paper. i run a little site called if forever exists (at i love stars and have 3 tattooed on my arm.

here is some of my recent work, if you like it, there is plenty more around!

first up, my major work from last semester - this poster sucks.
by day, i minimalistic typographical poster, by night, something much, much radder. i never knew photographing glow in the dark was so hard. (all glow images are 10 sec exp. for those who want to know.)

next up, the rad squid deck.

this is a short run (5 only) hand screenprinted deck with my character (sqwux the squid) printed on it.

i also dabble in photography, but i am not calling myself a photographer. i recently spent 2 weeks in japan, and here are all the photos i took put into 1 video.

the song is m83's lower your eyelids to die with the sun.

so thats me in a nutshell! i will be posting up a couple of times in the near future, so i hope you enjoi what i share.



ps - feel free to follow me on twitter @qwux


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Khristal Mae. said...

hi so whats new with rice candy?

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