Monday, August 10, 2009

travel photo montages.

since making my own photo montage of my trip through japan (see one post down) i have noticed a trend in this method of recording a journey. by no means am i saying that i pioneered this, as most of the videos i have found since making my own were actually made before my own video, but i just find it interesting that i had never really though about it till now.

anyway, i have 2 amazing photo montage videos to share today. the first one, is called "The Longest Way" and documents Christopher Rehage's 1 year walk across china. i love how much his face changes over that time.

next up, Chris Boardman's daily commute through london is documented in an awesome interactive flash video, which adds a nice three dimensionality to the oft photographed london bridge.

i cant embed this one, so head on over to to check it out.


kirst said...

this is insane!!!

Lady P said...

Christopher rahage's work is stil raging through me head, and his postscript is rattling through my brain and heart
the london bridge website makes me rethink my art work all over again
repetition of the mundane becoming a almost sacred and personal insight
excellent post
thank you

Rena said...

awesome stuff, awesome stuff!

qwux said...

glad you guys like it!

i have noticed heaps of these popping up, and i thought i would share some of the better ones!!

Nancy said...

Really liked "The Longest Way"!

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Lauren C. Harvey said...

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